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Quill Mention

Quill Mention

npm version License: MIT

Quill Mention is a module to provide @mentions or #hashtag functionality for the Quill rich text editor.


Mention Demo GIF

Getting Started


Install with npm:

npm install quill-mention --save

Install with Yarn:

yarn add quill-mention

Import package

import "quill-mention";
// or

Importing quill-mention automagically adds it to Quill modules.

Now you only need to pass quill-mention config to quill.


import "quill-mention";

const atValues = [
  { id: 1, value: "Fredrik Sundqvist" },
  { id: 2, value: "Patrik Sjölin" }
const hashValues = [
  { id: 3, value: "Fredrik Sundqvist 2" },
  { id: 4, value: "Patrik Sjölin 2" }
const quill = new Quill("#editor", {
  modules: {
    mention: {
      allowedChars: /^[A-Za-z\sÅÄÖåäö]*$/,
      mentionDenotationChars: ["@", "#"],
      source: function(searchTerm, renderList, mentionChar) {
        let values;

        if (mentionChar === "@") {
          values = atValues;
        } else {
          values = hashValues;

        if (searchTerm.length === 0) {
          renderList(values, searchTerm);
        } else {
          const matches = [];
          for (let i = 0; i < values.length; i++)
            if (
          renderList(matches, searchTerm);

Hover and Click Example

  window.addEventListener('mention-hovered', (event) => {console.log('hovered: ', event)}, false);
  window.addEventListener('mention-clicked', (event) => {console.log('hovered: ', event)}, false);

Async example

async function suggestPeople(searchTerm) {
  const allPeople = [
      id: 1,
      value: "Fredrik Sundqvist"
      id: 2,
      value: "Patrik Sjölin"
  return allPeople.filter(person => person.value.includes(searchTerm));

const quill = new Quill("#editor", {
  modules: {
    mention: {
      allowedChars: /^[A-Za-z\sÅÄÖåäö]*$/,
      mentionDenotationChars: ["@", "#"],
      source: async function(searchTerm, renderList) {
        const matchedPeople = await suggestPeople(searchTerm);

Note: if you whitelist quill formats via "formats" option, you need to add the mention format (default: "mention") there. Another way quill-mention won't work. Here's an example with whitelisted formats:

const quill = new Quill("#editor", {
  formats: ["bold", "italic", "mention"],
  // note "mention" format above
  modules: {
    mention: {
      allowedChars: /^[A-Za-z\sÅÄÖåäö]*$/,
      mentionDenotationChars: ["@", "#"],
      source: function(searchTerm, renderList, mentionChar) {
        // some source implementation


Property Default Description
source(searchTerm, renderList, mentionChar) null Required callback function to handle the search term and connect it to a data source for matches. The data source can be a local source or an AJAX request. The callback should call renderList(matches, searchTerm); with matches of JSON Objects in an array to show the result for the user. The JSON Objects should have id and value but can also have other values to be used in renderItem for custom display.
renderItem(item, searchTerm) function A function that gives you control over how matches from source are displayed. You can use this function to highlight the search term or change the design with custom HTML.
allowedChars [a-zA-Z0-9_] (or function) Allowed characters in search term triggering a search request using regular expressions. Can be a function that takes the denotationChar and returns a regex.
minChars 0 Minimum number of characters after the @ symbol triggering a search request
maxChars 31 Maximum number of characters after the @ symbol triggering a search request
offsetTop 2 Additional top offset of the mention container position
offsetLeft 0 Additional left offset of the mention container position
mentionDenotationChars ["@"] Specifies which characters will cause the mention autocomplete to open
isolateCharacter false Whether or not the denotation character(s) should be isolated. For example, to avoid mentioning in an email.
fixMentionsToQuill false When set to true, the mentions menu will be rendered above or below the quill container. Otherwise, the mentions menu will track the denotation character(s);
showDenotationChar true Whether to show the used denotation character in the mention item or not
defaultMenuOrientation 'bottom' Options are 'bottom' and 'top'. Determines what the default orientation of the menu will be. Quill-mention will attempt to render the menu either above or below the editor. If 'top' is provided as a value, and there is not enough space above the editor, the menu will be rendered below. Vice versa, if there is not enough space below the editor, and 'bottom' is provided as a value (or no value is provided at all), the menu will be rendered above the editor.
blotName 'mention' The name of the Quill Blot to be used for inserted mentions. A default implementation is provided named 'mention', which may be overidden with a custom blot.
dataAttributes ['id', 'value', 'denotationChar', 'link', 'target','disabled'] A list of data values you wish to be passed from your list data to the html node. (id, value, denotationChar, link, target are included by default).
onOpen function Callback when mention dropdown is open.
onBeforeClose function Callback before the DOM of mention dropdown is removed.
onClose function Callback when mention dropdown is closed.
onSelect(item, insertItem) function Callback for a selected item. When overriding this method, insertItem should be used to insert item to the editor. This makes async requests possible.
linkTarget '_blank' Link target for mentions with a link
listItemClass 'ql-mention-list-item' Style class to be used for list items (may be null)
mentionContainerClass 'ql-mention-list-container' Style class to be used for the mention list container (may be null)
mentionListClass 'ql-mention-list' Style class to be used for the mention list (may be null)
spaceAfterInsert true Whether or not insert 1 space after mention block in text
positioningStrategy 'absolute' Options are 'normal' and 'fixed'. When 'fixed', the menu will be appended to the body and use fixed positioning. Use this if the menu is clipped by a parent element that's using `overflow:hidden
renderLoading function A function that returns the HTML for a loading message during async calls from source. The default functions returns null to prevent a loading message.
selectKeys [13] An array of keyboard key codes that will trigger the select action for the mention dropdown. Default is ENTER key. See this reference for a list of numbers for each keyboard key.


You may retrieve the module from Quill like quill.getModule('mention') then call one of the imperative methdos below.

Method Example Description
insertItem(data, programmaticInsert) insertItem({id:'123',value:'My Mention'},true) Inserts the given mention into the editor.
openMenu(denotationChar) openMenu('@') Opens the mentions menu for the given denotation character.


To allow styling based on the menu orientation, a class is added depending on the orientation and the mentionContainerClass option. By default this will be ql-mention-list-container-bottom or ql-mention-list-container-top.

Headers and Informational Items

Sometimes you may want to display a menu item that should not be selectable. These items may be group headers, hint text, or even a message saying there were no matching results. To show items like these, add disabled:true to items passed to renderList from your source method. Disabled items are shown but not selectable with the mouse or keyboard. If you need to style the disabled items differently, you will need to override the renderItem method.


Fredrik Sundqvist (MadSpindel)

See also the list of contributors who participated in this project.


This project is licensed under the MIT License - see the LICENSE file for details