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This is a rails app for ordering beverages at a brewery. It is an online ordering system that offers both administrator and consumer interfaces. You set up your credit card to open your tab and order as many beverages as your bac can hold.

Learning Goals

  • Use TDD to drive all layers of Rails development including unit, integration, and user acceptance tests
  • Design a system of models which use one-to-one, one-to-many, and many-to-many relationships
  • Practice mixing HTML, CSS, and Rails templates to create an inviting and usable User Interface
  • Differentiate responsibilities between components of the Rails stack
  • Build a logical user-flow that moves across multiple controllers and models
  • Understandings


  • Devise for Authentication
  • A pre-existing, externally created CSS/HTML design/template
  • Getting Started

Unauthenticated Users:

  • Browse all drinks
  • Browse drinks by category
  • Add a drink to tab
  • View tab
  • Remove a drink from my tab
  • Increase the quantity of drinks in my tab
  • Log in, which should not clear the tab

Unauthenticated users are NOT allowed to:

  • View another user’s private data (such as current order, etc.)
  • Checkout (until they log in)
  • View the administrator screens or use administrator functionality
  • Make themselves an administrator
  • Authenticated Non-Administrators

Authenticated Users:

  • do everything Unauthenticated Users can do except "log in"
  • log out
  • view their past orders with links to display each order on that order display page there are:
  • items with quantity ordered and line-item subtotals
  • links to each item description page
  • the current status of the order
  • order total price
  • date/time order was submitted
  • if completed or cancelled, display a timestamp when that action took place
  • if any item is retired from the menu:
  • they can still access the item page
  • they cannot add it to a new cart

NOT allowed to:

  • view another user’s private data (such as current order, etc.)
  • view the administrator screens or use administrator functionality
  • make themselves an administrator


  • Create item listings including a name, description, price, and a photo
  • Modify existing items’ name, description, price, and photo
  • Create named categories for items (eg: "Small Plates")
  • Assign items to categories or remove them from categories. Products can belong to more than one category.
  • Retire a item from being sold, which hides it from browsing by any non-administrator


  • the total number of orders by status
  • links for each individual order
  • filter orders to display by status type (for statuses "ordered", "paid", "cancelled", "completed")
  • link to transition to a different status:
  • link to "cancel" individual orders which are currently "ordered" or "paid"
  • link to "mark as paid" orders which are "ordered"
  • link to "mark as completed" individual orders which are currently "paid"

Access details of an individual order, including:

  • Order date and time
  • Purchaser full name and email address
  • For each item on the order
  • Name with link to item page
  • Quantity
  • Price
  • Line item subtotal
  • Total for the order
  • Status of the order
  • Update an individual order
  • View and edit orders; may change quantity or remove items from orders with the status of pending or paid
  • Change the status of an order according to the rules as outlined above

NOT allowed to:

  • Modify any personal data aside from their own
  • Data Validity


  • An item must have a title, description, and price.
  • The title and description cannot be empty strings.
  • The title must be unique for all items in the system
  • The price must be a valid decimal numeric value and greater than zero
  • The photo is optional. If present it must be a valid URL format.


  • A user must have a valid email address that is unique across all users
  • A user must have a full name that is not blank
  • A user may optionally provide a display name that must be no less than 2 characters long and no more than 32


  • An order must belong to a user
  • An order must be for one or more of one or more items currently being sold

To support the evaluation process, please make the following available via the rake db:seed task in your application:


  • At least 20 items of varying prices
  • Some of the items should be attached to multiple categories


  • At least 5 categories with a varying number of member items


  • At least 10 sample orders, with at least two at each stage of fulfillment (ordered, completed, cancelled)


Submission Guidelines

  • Your project must be "live" on the web for your peers to evaluate it. We recommend you deploy it on Heroku.

  • Your README file on Github should contain a link to your live site.

  • On the production site, setup the URL path /code to redirect the user to the Github repository.