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Quilt API

config(*catalog_url, **config_values) {#config}

Set or read the QUILT configuration.

To retrieve the current config, call directly, without arguments:

    >>> import quilt3
    >>> quilt3.config()

To trigger autoconfiguration, call with just the navigator URL:

    >>> quilt3.config('')

To set config values, call with one or more key=value pairs:

    >>> quilt3.config(navigator_url='',
    ...               elastic_search_url='')

Default config values can be found in quilt3.util.CONFIG_TEMPLATE.


  • catalog_url: A (single) URL indicating a location to configure from
  • **config_values: key=value pairs to set in the config


QuiltConfig: (an ordered Mapping)

delete_package(name, registry=None) {#delete_package}

Delete a package. Deletes only the manifest entries and not the underlying files.


  • name (str): Name of the package
  • registry (str): The registry the package will be removed from

list_packages(registry=None) {#list_packages}

Lists Packages in the registry.

Returns a list of all named packages in a registry. If the registry is None, default to the local registry.


  • registry(string): location of registry to load package from.


A list of strings containing the names of the packages

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