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High-level overview of key features.

  • Phase 1 - Jupyter Notebooks, versioning

    • AWS SageMaker integration (abiilty to launch notebooks from T4)
    • Hosted buckets
    • T4 for AWS marketplace
    • Full version browsing + rollback support in the catalog
    • Standardize location for local/remote installs
  • Phase 2 - Cloud agnostic storage (via minio or ceph)

    • S3-like interface for packages, buckets, local stores
    • Examples of using packages in Spark, R, Java
    • Seamless de/serialization hooks, user-provided de/serializers
    • Improve "git for data"-layer of API
  • Phase 3 - CI/CD for data science

    • Branch/merge packages
    • Git integration for CI lifecycle
    • Data unit tests
    • Declarative data profiles for unit tests
    • Data lineage visualization
  • Phase 4 - Hive metastore integration

    • Discovery mechanism for hive columns/annotations (use ElasticSearch)
    • Ability to include Hive tables in packages
  • Phase 5 - Cloud agnostic compute, via K8s

    • Transition all containers under K8s
    • Transition Lambda functions
    • Transition ElasticSearch
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