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API Reference
Advanced Features

Important Note: this project now lives in the quiltdata/quilt repository.

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Rethinking S3: Announcing T4, a team data hub.

A team data hub for S3

  • T4 adds search, content preview, versioning, and a Python API to any S3 bucket
  • Every file in T4 is versioned and searchable
  • T4 is for data scientists, data engineers, and data-driven teams

Use cases

  • Collaborate - get everyone on the same page by pointing them all to the same immutable data version
  • Experiment faster - blob storage is schemaless and scalable, so iterations are quick
  • Recover, rollback, and reproduce with immutable packages
  • Understand what's in S3 - plaintext and faceted search over S3

Key features

  • Browse, search any S3 bucket
  • Preview images, Jupyter notebooks, Vega visualizations - without downloading
  • Read/write Python objects to and from S3
  • Immutable versions for objects, immutable packages for collections of objects


  • /catalog (JavaScript) - Search, browse, and preview your data in S3
  • /api/python - Read, write, and annotate Python objects in S3


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