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Enables #280Characters on TweetDeck for everyone
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TweetDeck in #280Characters

Twitter has released 280-character tweeting, but only to a small group of people during a trial period. This Chrome extension adds once added the ability for everyone to tweet in 280 characters on TweetDeck and

Install the extension on the Chrome Web Store.

The source code is available here on GitHub and pull requests are invited.

This extension works thanks to tricks by @Zemnmez and @Prof9. It's likely Twitter will modify their systems to prevent these hacks, so don't be surprised if it stops working.

Update Sep 28: The party is over at, which now appears to be validating tweet length at the server, so this extension no longer enables 280-character tweets there. But it still works at! 🎉

Update Oct 5: This extension no longer works. Twitter and TweetDeck are now both validating tweet length at the API. ⚰️

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