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adityakpandare committed Jun 25, 2019
1 parent e41a525 commit 1e5102614cfb85cfa19e50cb71a5d0d7912b1058
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  1. +4 −1 src/PDE/Integrate/MultiMatTerms.cpp
@@ -38,7 +38,10 @@ tk::nonConservativeInt( ncomp_t system,
// Compute volume integrals for multi-material DG
//! \details This is called for multi-material DG, computing volume integrals of
//! terms in the volume fraction and energy equations, which do not exist in
//! the single-material flow formulation (for `CompFlow` DG).
//! the single-material flow formulation (for `CompFlow` DG). For further
//! details see Pelanti, M., & Shyue, K. M. (2019). A numerical model for
//! multiphase liquid–vapor–gas flows with interfaces and cavitation.
//! International Journal of Multiphase Flow, 113, 208-230.
//! \param[in] system Equation system index
//! \param[in] ncomp Number of scalar components in this PDE system
//! \param[in] nmat Number of materials in this PDE system

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