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Python Reel Theme

Python Reel Theme is a free fully responsive diazo theme for Plone 4.2 and 4.3.


Python Reel Theme Screenshot


Responsive Web Design

Python Reel is a fully responsive theme that allows for easy viewing on mobile devices and tablets. The website will start to automatically resize and reposition the content to accommodate the different device screen sizes.

Customizable logo

Python Reel comes with the theme logo in a light and dark version. You can replace it with your own as you would do it in default Plone: in ZMI customize portal_skins -> sunburst_images -> logo.png. Upload the logo from the folder in the theme package /quintagroup/theme/pythonreel/static/images.

Site Slogan

The theme has a slogan, displayed in the central part of the top area Python Reel Theme for Plone. To change it, go to Site Setup -> Theming -> Advanced Settings tab. In Parameter expressions textarea change string value for slogan.

Top image

It is possible to set your own top image. For this add an image to the desirable location with the image shortname/id topimage. Add the image to site root and the image will be displayed everywhere on site; if added to a certain folder, the image will be displayed in this section only.

Top Text Color

You can change the color of the text information, displayed in the top area, including top navigation. Go to Site Setup -> Theming -> Advanced Settings tab. In Parameter expressions textarea change string value for top from default to white.

Improved thumbnail display view

To see the changes, in Display drop-down menu select Thumbnail view. Now each item will be displayed on the white background with slightly rounded corners with the description at the bottom that will slide up when you point on it.

Image carousel

To create image carousel, install Products.Carousel package and activate it via Site Setup -> Add-ons.

To add image carousel in the desired location shift to Carousel tab. Add a new carousel banner, publish it together with the whole Carousel Banners folder. Your carousel will be positioned above the content area.

Top Carousel

To have the carousel in the header, switch to Carousel tab and in Unique Id field type in top-carousel. Banner's title will be displayed instead the site slogan. It is possible to configure carousel behavior and add as many banners as needed for rotation. Also you can change the way the images are rotated by selecting one of the available options in the Pager type list box.

Top Background Color

You can change the background color for the carousel, displayed in the top area. Go to Site Setup -> Theming -> Advanced Settings tab. In Parameter expressions textarea change string value for top_background.

New Typography

Python Reel theme comes with a set of elegantly minimal Fonts:
  • Arial
  • Yorkville

Configurable left/right column width

Python Reel is flexible. It is easy to change the page layout by configuring columns width. Just go to Site Setup -> Theming -> Advanced Settings tab. In Parameter expressions textarea change the columnonewidth, columntwowidth parameters. Also you need to set the distance between the left/right columns and central content area by defining columnsmargin parameter. The parameter values are set in percents. Together they should allocate 100% including content area. By default left/right column has got 23.75%, content area - 49.1667%, columns margin – 1.6667%.

Editable footer with Social media

The theme footer features social media icons for sharing information via Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Plus, RSS feed. To customize it and edit the information displayed in the footer, go to ZMI -> portal_view_customizations -> plone.footer.

Note: if you have downloaded a zip file you need to add the following code manually into plone.footer template to have social media displayed:

<ul class="slinks">
  <li><a href="#" class="slink linked-in-link">LinkedIn</a></li>
  <li><a href="#" class="slink facebook-link">Facebook</a></li>
  <li><a href="#" class="slink twitter-link">Twitter</a></li>
  <li><a href="#" class="slink rss-link">RSS</a></li>

Theme Extensions

Additional features can be activated:
  • Products.Carousel
    Adds rotating Carousel banner feature with adjusted styling.
  • Products.ContentWellPortlets
    Allows adding portlets in the header, footer and content area with adjusted styling.
  • Products.PloneFormGen
    Adds TTW Form Generator feature.
  • quintagroup.dropdownmenu
    Adds adjusted styling to drop-down menu.
  • Products.LinguaPlone
    Adds multilingual functionality and applies adjusted styling for language selectors.
  • quintagroup.slidertemplates
    Enhanced Responsive Views for NG Collection Portlet (Carousel, Shelf, Tabs)
  • quintagroup.megamenu
    Clean and professional fully responsive Mega Menu solution for Plone. This product allows Plone website to display panel added to portal top as drop-down menu for navigation tabs.


In the buildout.cfg file of your instance:

  • Add quintagroup.theme.pythonreel to the list of eggs to install:

    eggs =
  • Re-run buildout:

    $ ./bin/buildout
  • Restart the Zope server:

    $ ./bin/instance restart

Then activate 'Python Reel Theme' in Plone (Site Setup -> Add-ons).

See docs/INSTALL.rst file for more detailed installation instructions.




Python Reel responsive diazo Theme was tested with:

  • Plone 4.3rc1
  • 1.1b2
  • Products.Carousel 2.2.1
  • Products.ContentWellPortlets 4.2.1
  • Products.PloneFormGen 1.7.6
  • quintagroup.dropdownmenu 1.2.11
  • Products.LinguaPlone 4.1.3
  • quintagroup.megamenu 1.3
  • quintagroup.slidertemplates 1.0

Home Directory


  • Serhiy Valchuk
  • Olena Klos

Quintagroup:, 2016