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SunRain free responsive diazo theme for Plone.


SunRain Plone Theme Screenshot



Note that there are differences in installation of Sunrain responsive theme for Plone 4 and 5. You will need to use specific theme versions for different Plone releases:

  • 6.x - for Plone 4
  • 7.x - for Plone 5

For 6.x version details see and docs/HISTORY.txt.

Installation via buildout

In the buildout.cfg file of your instance:

  • Add quintagroup.theme.sunrain to the list of eggs to install, e.g.:

    eggs +=
  • The newest releases are suitable for Plone 5. If you want to use Sunrain theme with Plone 4, please pin theme’s version - 6.x (according to the latest release before 7.0 - e.g. 6.8.2):

    quintagroup.theme.sunrain = 6.8.2
  • Re-run buildout:

    $ ./bin/buildout
  • Restart the Zope server:

    $ ./bin/instance restart

Then activate 'Sunrain Theme' in Plone (Site Setup -> Add-ons).


Different views

In SunRain Theme you can change view from: Rain - defined as a default view:

to Sun:

To change between Sun and Rain views - go to ploneadmin menu in the side toolbar, then choose Site Setup -> Theming, open Advanced settings tab. In Parameter expressions textarea change theme = string:rain parameter for theme = string:sun or vice versa.

Responsive Web Design

SunRain is a fully responsive theme that allows for easy viewing on mobile devices and tablets. The website will start to automatically resize and reposition the content to accommodate the different device screen sizes.

Top image

SunRain diazo theme has replaceable header image for front and inner site pages. To replace default image, upload image with topimage shortname into site root or any site section. Recommended image size: 1920*104px.

Editable Slogan

SunRain Theme uses customizable slogan. To change it, go to ploneadmin menu in the side toolbar, then choose Site Setup -> Theming, open Advanced settings tab. In Parameter expressions change Type your slogan here slogan in slogan line.

If you need your slogan to be displayed in non-ASCII characters, go to Site Setup -> Theming, open Advanced settings tab. In Parameter expressions change the following field

slogan = string:Type your slogan here


slogan = python:path('context/slogan|string:').decode('utf-8', 'ignore')

and in Site Setup -> Zope Management Interface settings -> Properties tab add a new property slogan, type string, value your slogan and save.

Customizable Logo

SunRain diazo Theme comes with default Plone logo. You can replace it with your own as you would do it in default Plone: go to ploneadmin menu in the side toolbar, then choose Site Setup -> Site -> Site logo. Upload your image there.

Social media icons

Social media icons can be inserted into any place on the page using portlets. Choose Static Text portlet from the “Add portlet..” drop-down menu. Add portlet title, e.g. Find Us On. Change text/html editing format to text/x-web-textile and add the following code:

<ul class="social-icons">
 <li class="btn-social"><a class="fa fa-facebook btn-social btn-facebook" href="#"></a></li>
 <li class="btn-social"><a class="fa fa-twitter btn-twitter" href="#"></a></li>
 <li class="btn-social"><a class="fa fa-linkedin btn-linkedin" href="#"></a></li>
 <li class="btn-social"><a class="fa fa-google-plus btn-google-plus" href="#"></a></li>
 <li class="btn-social"><a class="fa fa-pinterest btn-pinterest" href="#"></a></li>
 <li class="btn-social"><a class="fa fa-reddit btn-reddit" href="#"></a></li>
 <li class="btn-social"><a class="fa fa-dropbox btn-dropbox" href="#"></a></li>
 <li class="btn-social"><a class="fa fa-youtube btn-youtube" href="#"></a></li>

Insert your preferred URLs into href. Add only those social media icons you need, in any order. You can use ready-made icons from Bootstrap. Go to and copy classes of social icons you want to see.

Editable footer

Customize template: ZMI -> portal_skins -> plone_templates -> footer. To change colophon "Powered by Plone & Python": go to ZMI -> portal_skins -> plone_templates -> colophon. Or you can delete either of them via More options -> Plone Footerportlets -> footer/colophon.


Theme was tested with:

  • Plone 5.0b1

Home Directory


  • Roman Ischiv
  • Taras Peretiatko
  • Volodymyr Rudnytskyy
  • Borys Olekhnovych
  • Yuriy Hvozdovych

Quintagroup:, 2016.