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atom-charts - charts for kdb-connect
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atom-charts package

Atom interface for dygraphs library.


"consumedServices": {
  "atom-charts": {
    "versions": {
      "^0.0.0": "consumeCharts"


charts.showInPanel chartOpts, libOpts
charts.showInPane chartOpts, libOpts

where showInPanel will create a graph in the top panel and showInPane will split down if needed and add a tab with the graph.

chartOpts and libOpts are objects with options. libOpts should be dygraphs options like:

  legend: 'always'
  title: 'NYC vs. SF'
  labels: ["T","A","B"]
  ylabel: 'Temperature (F)'

chartOpts may have the following settings:

  • data - compatible with dygraphs data parameter - csv file, array of rows and etc.
  • title - if showInPane is used then this will be used in tab's URI: 'atomcharts://title'. If the same title is used again then the tab's content will be changed, a new tab will be opened otherwise.

Both functions return atom-charts-panel-view HTML element that can be used to manipulate the graph. This element has additional properties:

  • panel - top panel if available.
  • graph - Dygraphs object.
  • container - additional elements can be added before/after the graph into this container.
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