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Wind production curves

We have two methods for generation wind production curves:

  • Default - uses measured wind production
  • Weather years - based on wind measurements which are converted to production

Default curves

The wind load curves are based on data provided by the Open Power System Data platform. The specific data used in this analysis has been downloaded from, choosing the 60 minutes resolution and filtering for only the data specific for:

  • the type of profile (preferably wind_profile; if not available, wind_onshore_generation_actual and wind_offshore_generation_actual)
  • the relevant country
  • the relevant year

According to the website, the underlying data for wind profiles are the measured generation curves. For example for Germany, these are as provided by the four German TSO's. For many other countries, the data is retrieved from the ENTSOE Transparancy platform.

If the Open Power System Data platform has no data available for a country, the "nl" data is used.

Furthermore, if the data quality is not sufficient (i.e., less than 98% available data points for a specific year and country), the data is not used to create a curve. This is the case for the offshore wind curves for Belgium (2017) and the Netherlands (2015). Hence, for the Netherlands (2015) we use the same method as we use for weather years (see below)

NB1: The data source only has data available for Great Britain. Hence, we use this data for the United Kingdom. In order to run the script without problems, the headers in the source csv file should be changed from "GB_..." to "UK_...".

NB2: In 2016 there was a significant increase in installed offshore wind capacity in The Netherlands (factor 3). The measured production data is corrected for this increase. See wind - data - nl - 2016 - source.

Weather years

The wind load curves which are based on data provided by the Open Power System Data platform are not available for the weather years (1987, 1997, 2004). That is why we use measured wind data and convert that to production.

General information can be found in the read me in script - weather_years.

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