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Update Log v1.3

Quinton Ashley edited this page Oct 2, 2019 · 2 revisions

Nostlan is a high quality front-end launcher for video game emulators! Available on Linux, macOS, and Windows. Supports Dolphin, Cemu, Yuzu, mGBA, DeSmuME, Citra, MAME, PCSX2, RPCS3, and Xenia.

Download the latest version of Nostlan and if you enjoy the app please make a donation, any amount of money is appreciated. Support the development of Nostlan on patreon to gain access to premium features! New user? Read more about Nostlan

New Name and Logo!

Bottlenose has been renamed to Nostlan, a portmanteau of "nostalgia launcher". As Bottlenose grew from being just a Dolphin frontend the name, logo, and branding confused people. I still really liked the name Bottlenose and was reticent to change it but now that this app supports so many different emulators it doesn't make sense. I decided to take the community's good advice and renamed the project. To go with the new name I've also made a new logo which is a minimalistic abstract logo of a disc spinning. It partially retains the vaporwave aesthetic of the old logo.

MAME sets of the same game will no longer load as separate games

If you have the full MAME library and used v1.2 of Nostlan you may have noticed a lot of duplicate covers. This is because a full MAME library includes different versions aka "sets" of arcade games. I have figured out a decent way of removing duplicate sets of the same game so for now Nostlan will only be able to play one version of a game, the first version found in your MAME game library. In a future update I will make a version selector that will let you select the "set" of the game.

Let me know what you think about Nostlan

Nostlan is no longer an "experimental" project and is ready for public use! If something is wrong with the app or if you have any questions please email me or write up an issue report on Github. What do you think of the premium features I have planned?

Premium Features

Support the development of Nostlan on Patreon to gain access to these upcoming features!

Coming Soon:

  • UI for save file management
  • cloud saving with Nostlan will automatically sync your emulator game saves and save states to a folder in Dropbox, OneDrive, etc. play across multiple devices without losing in-game progress!

Milestone Goals:

  • single click to install emulators/updates
  • database of Dolphin texture packs
  • batch install and auto-update texture packs for Dolphin
  • easy way to mix and swap texture packs for Dolphin
  • create custom themes

If you like using Nostlan please donate!

Hi my name is Quinton and this is the part where I beg you for money! Even though I decided to make this project open source and free to use, it still took a lot of work and a long time to develop. If you appreciate my work so far and will continue to use Nostlan please donate an amount of your choosing. If everyone that downloads this update gave me even $1 I would really appreciate it. Cloud saving is coming soon for Patreon supporters. Thank you!

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