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Sample Rails 3 application using Omniauth and Httparty to connect to the platform via the REST APIs

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Rails 3 with Omniauth, REST and HTTParty example for
This sample rails3 app uses a custom strategy for Omniauth
to connect to using OAuth2, then performs a simple REST
call using Httparty to retrieve a list of Accounts.

How to use it:

files  of note:

lib/forcedotcom.rb - the custom Omniauth strategy
config/initializers/omniauth.rb - add your consumer key and consumer secret here
lib/accounts.rb - the Httparty class which performs a rest call
app/controllers/session_controller.rb - the create method handles the oauth callback
config/routes.rb - includes callback routing
config/environment.rb - includes env variable to set REST API version number
rails/server - I have updated this to support HTTPS. You will need to generate your own
keys and drop them in the lib/certs dir. Check out the README in that dir for more info

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