A java library for modelling arbitrary digraphs, with special emphasis on network modeling.
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Project begun in 2006 by David Rutter
Coming to the public in 2010

The purpose of this project is to create a usable
data structure in Java for the purpose of modelling
graphs--the graph-theoretic kind.  This is intended 
to be used as a library for network-related research.

This project is in flux and probably will be for
a while unless more people get interested.  Thus,
unless a lot of interest is shown, there will be no
release schedule and no guarantees of stability of any
commit.  After a lot of refactoring, when the prime
author is satisfied with the functionality and
stability of /some/ commit, the project will be made
more organized and official.

At present, the codebase contains the following:
-A data structure for modeling a subgraph of a digraph
 as a collection of nodes and the arcs between them
-Methods for saving and loading these graphs to and 
 from files, in edge-list format
-A collection of basic algorithms for graphs, including
--Shortest path-finding by Dijkstra's Algorithm
---To ensure Dijkstra's runs quickly, this codebase 
   also contains an implementation of a Fibonacci Heap
--Fewest hops path-finding by BFS
--s,t-connectivity-testing and connected component
  finding by DFS
--Various Metrics used for measuring the properties of
  networks, including degree distributions, distance
  distributions, likelihood, betweenness centrality,
  and others
--Methods for generating random graphs obeying various
  standard models, including G(n,p), G(n,p) with
  connectedness guarantee, uniform random spanning 
  subtrees, uniform trees on k nodes, and uniform
  simple graphs obeying a specified degree sequence,
  with or without connectedness guarantee.

Plans for the future can be found on the to-do list