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Quintype Developer - Starter Kit
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This is a node sample application, build with the quintype node framework.


IMPORTANT: This app implements very little functionality in the app itself. The majority of functionality is built into the toddy-libs repository.

Running with supervisord (local)

$ brew install supervisord
$ ./run

Working on the service worker

Unfortunately, the service-worker cannot be run with the asset-server. Thus, the service worker is disabled in development mode. To work on the service worker, run

$ vi app/client/app.js         # remove the check for process.env.NODE_ENV == 'production'
$ vi config/publisher.yml      # remove the asset_host from publisher.yml
$ npm run compile && npm start # restart this if you change the service worker

Merging malibu back to your app

$ git pull master
# Ignore Changes to (say) app/isomorphic/components
$ git checkout --ours app/isomorphic/components
$ git add app/isomorphic/components

Running on Windows

Here are some considerations while running on windows

  • Please install docker (Docker for Desktop on Windows Enterprise / Professional, and Docker Toolbox on Windows Home)
  • The app is to be run as follows: ./dev-docker/start
  • In case localhost:3000 shows a connection refused, you can forward ports to the docker-machine as follows ./dev-docker/port-forward. This should only be needed on Windows home
  • Windows uses nodemon and webpack polling to detect updates. This eats CPU
  • You can use ./dev-docker/force-reload to force the web server and webpack to reload
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