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Webhooks for Quip

Simple (state-less) server that serves as a Webhook endpoint and forwards messages to Quip threads. Currently supported services are:

An instance is running at http://quip-webhooks.appspot.com.


API access tokens are embedded in hook URLs. If you generate a new access token, you will need to edit the hook URL at its registered service.

Running Locally

First, install the App Engine SDK from https://developers.google.com/appengine/downloads and open it to install the symlinks. Then run:


To test changes without having to deploy, you can install ngrok which tunnels a localhost port such that it can be accessed from the Internet. Run:

ngrok 8080

And you'll be given an URL like 27841f20.ngrok.com which you can use with GitHub, Crashlytics, etc. You can also visit http://localhost:4040/ to see all tunneled requests (and to replay them).

Deploying to App Engine

appcfg.py --oauth2 --no_cookies update ./