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Company Profile (English)


  • Quipper is a London based edtech company founded in 2010 by DeNA co-founder Masa Watanabe.
  • We provide an online learning platform and various services to support students throughout the world.


  • Our vision "Distributors of Wisdom" derived from Masa's personal experience in developing countries where he participated in volunteer projects.
  • Seeing educational inequalities with his own eyes, he founded Quipper to contribute to the disparities in education with internet technology and mobile devices.


  • We currently have 5 offices located at London (HQ), Tokyo, Manila, Jakarta, and Mexico City.
  • The team has grown to over 500 employees, including our largest sales force of 300 staff across Indonesia in 12 local branches.
  • The product team consists of c. 50 members, which more than half are web engineers. (as of April 2018)
Web Mobile SRE Design Total
Tokyo 13 7 2 4 26
Manila 6 2 1 0 9
Jakarta 4 2 0 3 9
Mexico City 2 0 0 0 2
Total 25 11 3 7 46
  • Currently, the product team is located mostly in Tokyo and Manila, but we plan to increase the number of employees in Jakarta etc.
  • To reach across the globe and work efficiently, we communicate and collaborate through GitHub and Slack, also with members outside the product team.


  • In April 2015, Quipper was acquired by Japanese media giant Recruit Holdings, and joined Recruit Marketing Partners (RMP). RMP provides life-event media services in bridal, automotive, and education sectors.
  • After joining RMP, we migrated their existing online educational service onto Quipper’s platform and now collaborate in product development and service operation.
  • Bunyo Yamaguchi, CEO of RMP, Chairman of Quipper, and Masa share the vision of delivering the best education to all corners of the world.


  • We have three products: Quipper School, Quipper Video, and StudySapuri
  • Quipper School is an online homework management system to support teachers’ everyday tasks of preparing, collecting, and grading papers.
  • Quipper Video allows students to watch lecture videos of the greatest teachers anywhere, and learn with step by step study guides and practice quizzes for assessment.
  • Quipper School and Quipper Video are currently available in the Philippines, Indonesia, and Mexico. We also provide the two platforms in Japan by the service name StudySapuri.
  • For product development, we take the GitHub Flow where all code reviews are done in pull requests. Repositories for the source codes are not separated per market, making it possible for all engineers to commit in the same repository and review from any office. For any localisation such as feature or design, the changes are made through options when the products are built.


Read our product team blog to find out more!