A very basic plugin for the 2nd Generation AppleTV
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a) You need to install the "beigelist" on your ATV (if you installed the Plex-Plugin using apt, it is already there )
b) Set up a password-less ssh connection to your ATV (http://oreilly.com/pub/h/66)
c) You need the iPhone 4.2 SDK installed on your machine!
d) You need to get transcoder keys from the plex team in order to make playback work.
e) Install the plex-client on your ATV (prepares the correct skeletons)
		echo "deb http://www.ambertation.de ./downloads/PLEX/" > /etc/apt/sources.list.d/plex.list
		apt-get update
		apt-get install com.plex.client-plugin

=== BUILDING ===
1. Open PlexATV/atvTwo.xcodeproj
2. Make sure you are building 4.2|Release|atvTwo|armv6
3. Make sure your appleTV is turned on and that you can log in using root@appletv.local (without using a password)
4. Set the transcoder keys in PlexATV/Classes/HWAppliance.mm
5. Hit [cmd]+B in Xcode. The plugin is build and copied to the ATV and. After that AppleTV.app is restarted