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Shows a dialog popup with helptext for the admin fields that you have indicated.


  • django-redactoreditor


Install the app via pip:

$ pip install django-admin-dialog

Add django_admin_dialog and redactor to your installated apps:


Add the context processor to your TEMPLATE_CONTEXT_PROCESSORS:


Override the admin base template (base.html) and include this:

{% include "django_admin_dialog/django_admin_dialog.html" %}

In your file, add this mixin for all your ModelAdmin's that you want to add the dialog:

from django_admin_dialog.mixins import DjangoAdminDialogMixin

class MyModelAdmin(DjangoAdminDialogMixin, admin.ModelAdmin):

And run the migrations:

$ migrate django_admin_dialog


Access to the DjangoAdminDialog application.

In this form you indicate the url on which you want to show the modal dialog boxes and the field id.

If you want to know the name of the form fields, you can set this setting variable:


Now if you access to your model form, you can see the field id's next to them.

When you access to your model admin form, you can see a new icon next to the field that you indicate previously.

And now you can click on this icon to show the dialog.

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