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  • ExtractCoverThumbs_1.0.0-mac.zip - Mac OS X standalone binary executables (should be extracted before use). ExtractCoverThumbs_app is a windowed application (double click it). ExtractCoverThumbs_con is a terminal application.
  • ExtractCoverThumbs_1.0.0-py.zip - Python compressed standalone package (to start up type in Terminal: python ExtractCoverThumbs_1.0.0-py.zip)

Notice! Windows release was removed due many false-positive malware reports.

On Windows you can run a GUI utility directly from the ZIP standalone package:

  1. Install the latest Python 2.7.x from https://www.python.org/downloads/
  2. In 'cmd' type to install Pillow module: C:\python27\python.exe -m pip install pillow
  3. Unpack downloaded ExtractCoverThumbs_1.0.0-py.zip package.
  4. Double click on a file gui.pyw to run GUI.


  • Added support for extracting cover thumbnails from KFX format (.kfx and .azw8 extensions)
  • Other minor bug fixes