gems with no rdoc still have the rdoc link #4

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rdp commented Jun 13, 2009

ex: look at rdocs for sinatra via gembox:

Errno::ENOENT at /gems/doc/sinatra/0.9.2/index.html
No such file or directory - /home/rdp/installs/mbari_gembox_187/lib/ruby/gems/1.8/doc/sinatra-0.9.2/rdoc/index.html


rdp commented Jun 17, 2009

syntax is a good example


quirkey commented Jul 7, 2009

Rdoc only displays if there is an RDOC directory and the has_rdoc? gem spec option is checked. Closed by 44673f9

Also, gems now reload if the mtime of your gems directory changes

rdp commented Jul 7, 2009

Hmm. The reload is great and awesome. unfortunately it appears from recent changes to Gem [1] that has_rdoc is now "deprecated and ignored" [i.e. it generates rdocs for every gem now]. Keying off the existence of doc/index.html might be a surer way.
Thanks for your help with this!

This issue was closed.

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