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GitHub-Unfuddle Bridge
This GitHub-Unfuddle Bridge will automatically create changesets for an Unfuddle process if
it is pointed to by a GitHub post-receive hook.
The bridge runs a Sinatra ( server that accepts POSTs to its
root. Simply get the bridge up and running and then point your GitHub projects' post-receive
hooks to it.
You will need to configure mappings for each github repository to the corresponding
Unfuddle project ID and you will also need mappings of github email addresses to corresponding
Unfuddle user IDs. Right now these will have to be pulled out using the Unfuddle API, a tool
to extract this data more readily will be forthcoming.
You must also make sure to uncheck the "Unfuddle handles my changesets" box in the project settings.
Also, this does not yet support 'powerful commits' i.e. closing tickets from a commit message.
Look for this functionality soon.
More Info
Project Home:
Contact E-Mail:
Feel free to fork, this is a project in its infancy!