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Commits on Oct 28, 2011
  1. Remove Jeweler

    timcharper committed Oct 28, 2011
    Gems are just as easy to release without Jeweler than it is with it.  It
    usually gets needlessly injected as a runtime dependency (the gemspec it
    generated for soca did mark itself as a development dependency in one of
    the conditional branches, but in reality, using rubygems 1.8.7 and ruby
    1.9.2, it's getting included as a runtime dependency). Why does this
    matter?  Jeweler has other dependencies, such as bundler.  Not only such
    as bundler, but bundler 1.0! If you are using bundler 1.1, you get
    needless dependency headaches.
    True, this could be fixed upstream in jeweler. But I don't think it's
    worth it since it is so easy (easier?) to build gems without jeweler.
    There was a place for jeweler back when we had servers that built gems
    automatically. Since now the convention is to build the gem locally and
    push it to the server, we can write as much ruby code as we like in the
    gemspec. The gemspec gets expanded and re-serialized without the code,
    so you can use things like, etc. (tar xzf the generated gem
    if you don't believe me)