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Crediting Pete Deffendol.

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1 parent 3d7bb8d commit 3e2eff8f23a5e514e83be787f401e31f8b05e9ae @pat pat committed Sep 10, 2011
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+* Adding ThinkingSphinx::Search#last_page? for Kaminari (Pete Deffendol).
* If ENV['NODETACH'] is set when calling ts:start, pass that flag through to Riddle to start Sphinx in the foreground (Aaron Gibralter).
* Catch and report all errors when models are loaded (Martin Gordon).
* Bringing in builder gem's BlankSlate for our Builder - better at keeping global Rake methods out of the way.
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@@ -200,3 +200,4 @@ Since I first released this library, there's been quite a few people who have su
* Ngan Pham
* Martin Gordon
* Aaron Gibralter
+* Pete Deffendol

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