First demo tutorial for Quiver.
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Quiver Demo 01

This is the first demo to demonstrate how to build simple components in Quiver.js. In this demo, we are going to build a simple HTTP server that greets a user based on the URL path.


It is easy to try out this demo by simply cloning the git repository.

$ git clone

After cloning, go into the directory and install the required npm packages. After installation use npm start to start the demo server running at localhost port 8080.

$ cd quiver-demo-01
$ npm install
$ npm start

At a separate terminal or on your browser, navigate to http://localhost:8080 and you should see the response text "Hello Quiver".

$ curl http://localhost:8080
Hello Quiver

Running Tutorial

This demo is divided into multiple tutorial steps. To make it easy to run different steps, a simple server script is used to dynamically run a server for tutorial step specified as command line argument after npm start.

For example, the following command will run tutorial step 03 as HTTP server:

$ npm start 03

Check out the HTTP Core documentation to find out more about running server in Quiver.