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@@ -1,7 +0,0 @@
-= Cond ChangeLog
-== Version 0.2.1
-* Initial release.
@@ -0,0 +1,12 @@
+= Cond ChangeLog
+== Version 0.3.0
+* require 'cond/dsl' to get the DSL; no more 'include Cond'
+* internal cleanup
+== Version 0.2.1
+* initial release
@@ -7,8 +7,7 @@ Resolve errors without unwinding the stack.
== Synopsis
- require 'cond'
- include Cond
+ require 'cond/dsl'
def divide(x, y)
restartable do
@@ -84,9 +83,8 @@ propagate in the usual unwinding fashion, as if the handler was never
Cond is 100% compatible with the built-in exception-handling system.
-We may imagine that Ruby had this handler/restart functionality from
-the very beginning, but everyone had forgotten to write restarts. And
-since no restarts were available, no handlers were written.
+We may imagine that Ruby had always had this handler+restart
+functionality but nobody remembered to use it.
== Background
@@ -106,8 +104,7 @@ See readmes/seibel_pcl.rb for a Ruby translation.
== Synopsis 2.0
- require 'cond'
- include Cond
+ require 'cond/dsl'
x, y = 7, 0
@@ -137,14 +134,13 @@ arbitrarily.
for repetitive catch blocks and prevent symbol collisions for nested
catch labels.
-A default handler is provided which runs a simple choose-a-restart
-input loop when +raise+ is called, as the next example demonstrates.
== Restart Example
+A default handler is provided which runs a simple choose-a-restart
+input loop when +raise+ is called.
require 'pp'
- require 'cond'
- include Cond
+ require 'cond/dsl'
class RestartableFetchError < RuntimeError
@@ -231,25 +227,24 @@ Cond has been tested on MRI 1.8.6, 1.8.7, 1.9, and the latest jruby.
Each thread keeps its own list of handlers, restarts, and other data.
All operations are fully thread-safe.
-It is not required to <tt>include Cond</tt>. The includable methods
-of +Cond+ are <tt>module_function</tt>s and are thus callable via e.g.
-+Cond+ nests private modules and classes inside Cond::CondPrivate in
-order to improve the hygiene of <tt>include Cond</tt> and encourage
-its use.
Except for the redefinition +raise+, Cond does not silently modify any
of the standard classes.
The essential implementation is small and simple: it consists of two
per-thread stacks of hashes (handlers and restarts) with merge-push
-and pop operations. The syntax shown in the above examples is a thin
-layer concealing the underlying hashes. It is equivalent to the
-following raw form. You are free to use either form according to
-preference or circumstance.
+and pop operations.
+== DSL Form and Raw Form
+The optional <tt>require 'cond/dsl'</tt> defines some pseudo-keywords
+in the global scope which comprise a DSL for the system. These
+methods are also available with <tt>require 'cond'</tt> through the
+Cond singleton (e.g. Cond.handling) or by including Cond::DSL into the
+class or module which uses them.
-=== Raw Form
+The DSL shown in the above examples is a thin layer concealing the
+underlying hashes. It is equivalent to the following raw form. You
+are free to use either form according to preference or circumstance.
require 'cond'
@@ -279,10 +274,10 @@ preference or circumstance.
puts divide(7, 0) # => 42
-=== Limitations
+== Limitations
There must be a call to +raise+ inside Ruby code (as opposed to C
-code) for a handler to be invoked.
+code) in order for a handler to be invoked.
The above synopsis gives an example: Why is there a check for division
by zero when +ZeroDivisionError+ would be raised anyway? Because
@@ -7,7 +7,15 @@ readme_file = nil'cond') do |s|
s.developer('James M. Lawrence', '')
s.description_sentences = 2
- s.rdoc_files = %w[lib/cond.rb]
+ s.rdoc_files = %w[
+ lib/cond/cond.rb
+ lib/cond/dsl_definition.rb
+ lib/cond/error.rb
+ lib/cond/handler.rb
+ lib/cond/message_proc.rb
+ lib/cond/restart.rb
+ lib/cond/wrapping.rb
+ ]
readme_file = s.readme_file
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