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@@ -581,23 +581,6 @@ Pure::Compiler::RubyParser uses RubyParser and Ruby2Ruby together with
a code transformer (for instantiating +fun+ definitions) to compile a
function spec.
-== Tools
-Lobby your local ruby-core representative to add a built-in sexp
-extractor and compiler. Lacking these tools, we are stuck this
-inefficient roundabout process:
-* Ruby interpreter parses the source
-* RubyParser (redundantly) parses the source and converts it to an sexp
-* Ruby2Ruby converts the sexp to a string containing Ruby code
-* call +eval+ on the code string
-However this could be reduced to (for example):
-* Ruby interpreter parses the source
-* call Proc#to_sexp
-* call Proc.from_sexp
== Author
* James M. Lawrence <>

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