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College quizbowl calendar

This is the repository for, a static site coded in Jekyll that is intended to centralize information about the college quizbowl calendar.


This project is licensed under the terms of the GNU General Public License (GPL).


Contributions are certainly welcome. Anyone with a GitHub account can easily submit issues or pull requests. Feel free to participate in community review on issues and pull requests. Ask for help if you need to.

Some guidelines: Non-trivial pull requests should be left open for at least 48 hours to allow for review. Please don’t forget to test your changes locally. Don’t blindly push upstream if you’re a contributor with commit permissions. Keep the code clean and the commit graph sane.


The layout of the main calendar pages (which contains the large tables) is defined by _layouts/year.html.

The order of tournaments within each part of a year (e.g. Fall or Spring) is defined by _data/sets/‹year›/seasons.yaml.

Information about each set is stored in a separate YAML file in the _data/sets/‹year›/ folder. The following list of keys are supported:

Key Description Example
name Name of the set EFT 2017
fullname Full name of the set Early Fall Tournament 2017
slot Name of the standard slot “Fall Medium 1”
prev List of sets previously in this slot [EFT 2016, MFT, PADAWAN, IFT]
producedby Who is producing the set (not shown) ACF
diff Difficulty name Medium
diffdots Difficulty rating ●●
diffd2 Difficulty name in Division II Easy
diffdotsd2 Difficulty rating in Division II
eligible Eligibility details Closed
submission Packet submission details Required
announced Date of global announcement 2017-03-23
announceurl URL of global announcement
firstonline Date of first online mirror 2017-09-16
firstmirror Date of first mirror 2017-09-30
speculative Indicates firstmirror is freeform yes
firstideal Date of first ideal mirror 2017-10-19
lastideal Date of last ideal mirror 2017-10-26
mirrors List of mirrors { date: 2017-09-30, region: 1A, name: Yale,
eligible: HS, cancelled: yes, url: "..." }
clear Date when the set is clear 2018-01-23
reallyclear Is the set confirmed to be clear yes
ebol Is the set participating in EBOL no
packetsurl URL to packets on archive

Dates may be TBD. If speculative is non-empty, the value for firstmirror will be interpreted as freeform text instead of a date, allowing for provisional detail when the date is not exactly known (e.g. "either 2/3 or 2/4", "likely 11/20").

In general, blank values are used when reliable information does not yet exist. The value for clear can be a future date if it is strongly assumed, but should later be changed to match the actual date when the set became clear.

Information about the geographic regions is stored in map/regions.js. The two-letter region IDs are also defined by _layouts/year.html, but this duplication will eventually be removed. For convenience, the regions are listed below:

ID Region
0P Online playtest
0L Online
1A New England
1B New York
2A N. Mid-Atlantic
2B S. Mid-Atlantic
3A Upper South
3B Deep South
3C Florida
4A Texas/Louisiana
4B Southwest
5A S. California
5B N. California
6A Pacific Northwest
6B Rocky Mountains
7A Great Plains
7B Missouri
8A Upper Midwest
8B Central Midwest
8C Eastern Midwest
CA Canada
AS Asia

Mirrors should generally be ordered in the source file canonically by date (weekend) and then by region, with playtest mirrors first and HS mirrors at the end, unless there is a good reason to order them in another manner.

Mirror names (i.e. college or school names) should generally remain consistent with existing convention in this repository. A guiding principle for mirror names is to be short enough to not wrap onto two lines when displayed in the main table, but not be overly abbreviated.

Information about the colleges on the circuit map is stored in map/colleges.tsv.

The spec is likely to change. Watch this repository to keep tabs on any changes.