These changes make the mongodb example current and fix a couple minor issues. #13

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These changes also add testing to the mongodb example for password and client_credentials grant types.
Fix for the client_credentials to fail appropriately if the grant fails.
Fix so client_credentials grants_type doesn't generate a refresh_token as per the spec it SHOULD NOT.

elbunce and others added some commits Feb 14, 2012
@elbunce elbunce Update MongoDB implementation and example. eeb82c2
@elbunce elbunce Remove unnecessary bit. 6037111
@elbunce elbunce Remove test db info. 48c80ca
@elbunce elbunce Make sure we stash the user_id in the collections. 2f7b9e2
@elbunce elbunce Add code to check client_credentials and password grant types to mong…
…o examples.

Fix client_credentials grant check to throw an exception if the grant fails.
@elbunce elbunce Per c…
…lient_credentials grant_type's SHOULD NOT generate refresh tokens.
@elbunce elbunce Remove some old PDO crud and an outdated comment. 7f91329
@elbunce elbunce Ok, turns out the grant type client credentials result check is super…
…flous (see checkRestrictedGrantType).
Virginie BARDALES Fix test suite and change requires to require_onces 990a8c4
@elbunce elbunce Merge pull request #1 from vbardales/fix-test-suite
Fix test suite and change requires to require_onces
@elbunce elbunce Make the mongo checkClientCredentialsGrant() example return something…
… more consistent with the other check{}Grant() calls.
@elbunce elbunce Fix the $stored[] returns from user and client credentials path not b…
…ork if a scope is passed in.

Realistically the scope handling needs to be cleaned up, but not today...
@elbunce elbunce Merge branch 'master' of a7a8511
@elbunce elbunce Make grantAccessToken return the token that was created (useful for l…
…ogging and other purposes.

Add a getError accessor method to OAuth2ServerException.
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