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- C++ compiler (gcc or VisualStudio)
- gcc/g++ >= 7.0.0 (checked in Linux, MacOS, cygwin, MinGW, and WSL)
- Microsoft VisualStudio C++ 2015 or 2017
- python 2.7 or 3.x
- cmake >= 3.0
- git
- (option) CUDA >= 8.0
- (option) AVX2 support
If your system supports AVX2 instructions, SIMD optimization is
automatically enabled. If you want to enable GPU simulator, install
qulacs through qulacs-gpu package or build from source.
Qulacs is tested on the following systems.
- Ubuntu 16.04 / 18.04
- MacOS X Sierra
- Windows 10
Quick Install
pip install qulacs
If you have NVIDIA GPU with CUDA installed try:
pip install qulacs-gpu
Install from Source
If you encounter some troubles, see `troubleshooting`_.
Install python libs from source
Install (Multi-thread without GPU)
python install
Install (Multithread with GPU. CUDA is required)
python install
Install (Single-thread without GPU. For launching multiple qulacs
python install
pip uninstall qulacs
.. _build-c++-and-python-library:
Build C++ and python library
git clone
cd qulacs
When you want to build with GPU, use
git clone
cd qulacs
When you want to build with GPU, use build_msvc_2017_with_gpu.bat. If
you use MSVC2015, replace 2017 in file names to 2015.