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jzaefferer commented Oct 17, 2012

Our stop()/start() API isn't the greatest. Yehuda had some ideas for making that more convenient, outlined here:

Worth noting as well: nodeunit passes in a test object to each test, where the test has to call test.done() in the end. Each test gets its own instance, so there's no risk of one async test bleeding into another, like it currently can happen in QUnit. We should look into providing something similar for QUnit.


rwaldron commented Oct 17, 2012


Yes +9001


Krinkle commented Oct 22, 2012

I implemented the pseudo-context pattern earlier this year for this very reason. The "assert" argument passed to the test functions would be an instance of a QUnit.Assert. And all its methods imply QUnit.start when using config.requireExpects and the last expected assertion is made. For cases where no expect is given and/or for clarity in code we would provide a no-arguments assert.start() that just continues like the global QUnit.start does now.


jzaefferer commented Oct 22, 2012

That's a good point. So make that argument a test-specific instance, and fail if stop/start isn't called on that same instance. asyncTest would use the instance's stop method...

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jzaefferer commented Jan 3, 2013

Some more ideas, baed on the assert argument to the test callback:

test(..., function(assert) { var done = assert.async(); ... done(); }
asyncTest(..., function(assert) { assert.done(); })

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Replaced by #534

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