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  • Assert: Add assert.raises() as alias for assert.throws().
  • Assert: New assert.async() method.
  • Core: Add runtime property to QUnit.moduleDone() data.
  • Core: New QUnit.skip() method.
  • Core: QUnit.test() now supports returning Promise and async functions.
  • HTML Reporter: Add runtime of each assertion to result output.
  • HTML Reporter: Add support for activating config.hidepassed via URL query parameters.


  • Core: Change url() helper to output ?foo instead of ?foo=true.
  • Core: Rename config.module to config.moduleFilter.


  • Assert: Fail assertions after existing assert.async() flows are resolved.
  • Core: Restore and warn if some logging callback gets modified.
  • Core: Throws an error on non-function params for logging methods.
  • Core: Defer begin event till tests actually starts.
  • Core: Detail modules and tests names in the logging callbacks.
  • Core: Use Error#stack without throwing when available.
  • Dump: Configurable limit for object depth.