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An Ada environment for Slackware Linux

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This is a repository for scripts that build Ada programming environment
for Slackware.

The build order will be
* gcc
* xmlada
* gtkada
* gprbuild
* gps
* aunit
* gnatcoll
* asis
* florist
* gnatmem

For gcc, you will need the original build data from stock Slackware source.
It is updated to to use gcc version 4.7.1.  The resulting compiler will replace
the system compiler.

For GtkAda, GPS, the svn code is used instead of the GPL 2012 version.

It has been updated for Slackware 1.40 and gnt GPL 2012.

ASIS still use the 2011 version as gcc 4.7.1 lack some functionality
used by ASIS 2012.

For gnatmem, you also need the binutils source and build the binutils first.
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