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An Ada environment for Slackware Linux
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ada-rm [ada-rm] update build script
adacontrol [adacontrol] update version to 1.17r3
ahven [ahven] add missing project file
asis [asis] move gnatcheck info file to system info directory
aunit upgrade copyright year
florist upgrade copyright year
gnat_rm [gnat ugn] update to user guide to 5.2.0
gnat_ugn [gnat_ugn] fix user guide path for GPS
gnat_util upgrade copyright year
gnatcoll upgrade copyright year
gnatmem upgrade copyright year
gnoga Add gnoga 1.0
gprbuild [gprbuild] remove llvm detection
gps [gps] add missing patch files
gtkada upgrade copyright year
ncurses Add ncurses, enable Ada95 binding
sparforte [sparforte] add SparForte 1.5.1
xmlada [xmlada] make xmlada's gps help entry work propely
.gitignore [xmlada] upgrade to 2015 GPL
README Fixed README to reflect the current state


This is a repository for scripts that build Ada programming environment
for Slackware.

The build order will be
* gcc
* xmlada
* gprbuild
* gnat_util
* gtkada
* aunit
* gnatcoll
* gps <= depends on pygobject3, could use build script from
* florist
* asis
* gnatmem
* adactl

The resulting compiler will replace the system compiler.

It has been updated for Slackware 14.1, GCC 5.2.0 and gnat GPL 2015.

For gnatmem, you also need the binutils source and build the binutils first.
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