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awesome-python-in-education Awesome

A curated list of resources about Python in Education

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The license for this resource is CC0.


Courses and lessons

Interactive environments


Introductions and Tutorials

Data Science

Exercises and Games

Reference and forums

Python suitability for education


Mailing lists

  • Python EDU-SIG - subsite
  • Python EDU-SIG - Special Interest Group mailing list
  • Python EDU-WG - Working Group mailing list
  • Tutor - (mailing list) Discussion for learning programming with Python
  • Python-list - General discussion list for the Python programming language (mailing list)


Tools and Libraries

Games, graphics and simulation


  • Bokeh - an interactive visualization library that targets modern web browsers for presentation.
  • VisPy - library for interactive scientific visualization that is designed to be fast, scalable, and easy to use.
  • Python Graph Gallery - showcase hundreds of charts, always providing the reproducible python code.




  • pdb
  • ipdb
  • PuDB
  • pdb++
  • Python Linter Online - Live Syntax Checking Using Pylint while Running Python
  • PyTA - static code analysis to help students find and fix common coding errors
  • coala - linting and fixing code
  • wdb - An improbable web debugger through WebSockets
  • QuantifiedCode - a code analyis & automation platform
  • birdseye - graphical Python debugger using the AST
  • Hunter - a flexible code tracing toolkit

Conferences and videos


Coding Club books

Green Tea Press

Invent with Python series

Manning Publications

No Starch Press


Packt Pub


Raspberry Pi


BBC microbit



Adafruit CircuitPython

  • CircuitPython - a MicroPython fork for teaching coding with microcontrollers
  • Awesome CircuitPython - A curated list of awesome CircuitPython guides, videos, libraries, frameworks, software and resources.