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Hexo tag plugin to embed a Youtube video that auto resizes with your responsive layout
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Hexo tag plugin to embed a Youtube player that auto resizes with your responsive layout.


Install using npm.

$ npm install hexo-tag-youtube-responsive --save


Embed a video

  {% youtuber video VIDEO_ID %}

For example

  {% youtuber video I07XMi7MHd4 %}

Embed a playlist

  {% youtuber playlist PLAYLIST_ID %}

For example

  {% youtuber playlist PLC77007E23FF423C6 %}

Note that you need to prepend the playlist ID with the letters PL as shown above

Embed search results of a query

  {% youtuber search QUERY_KEYWORDS %}

For example

  {% youtuber search hexo %}
  {% youtuber search hexo+tag+plugin %}

If your search has more than one keyword, use + to concatenate them together as shown above

Embed a user's uploaded videos (a.k.a. channel)

  {% youtuber user USERNAME %}

For example

  {% youtuber search daddybear %}

Note that you must supply the user name and not the channel ID


You may specify additional parameters in YAML format as

{% youtuber video VIDEO_ID %}
  allowfullscreen: yes,
  autoplay: 1,
  cc_lang_pref: fr,
  cc_load_policy: 1,
  color: white,
  controls: 0,
  disablekb: 1,
  enablejsapi: 1,
  end: 210,
  frameborder: 20,
  fs: 0,
  height: 480,
  hl: fr,
  iv_load_policy: 3,
  loop: 1,
  modestbranding: 1,
  origin: your-domain,
  playlist: "videoId1,videoId2,videoId3",
  playsinline: 0,
  privacy_mode: yes,
  rel: 1,
  showinfo: 0,
  start: 30,
  width: 640,
{% endyoutuber %}

The majority of the parameters can be found in Youtube documentation.

For the remaining:

  • If width and height are given as dimension of the player, it will cancel the auto-resize feature of this widget
  • frameborder allows to specify the edge thickness around the player
  • privacy_mode allows to play video without being tracked by google (no cookies used)
  • allowfullscreen let the user switch on the full screen mode if desired


The parameters above can be specified globally with default values via _config.yml file.

  allowfullscreen: yes,
  autoplay: 1
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