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Play Order rework #1411

lazka opened this issue Mar 15, 2015 · 12 comments

Play Order rework #1411

lazka opened this issue Mar 15, 2015 · 12 comments


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lazka commented Mar 15, 2015

Original issue 1411 created by reiter.christoph on 2014-06-06T18:19:31.000Z:

Meta bug for play order changes...

Current design:

  • Two modes, shuffle/inorder
  • Menu to select a modifier(check item) e.g. follow cursor / variant(radio item) e.g. weighted random

We can implement that on top of the current interface by grouping all orders in two groups... a good first step I guess. For the things below we probably need two kinds of plugins, orders and order wrappers.

Feedback welcome.

Menu examples:

--------------------------- <- modifiers
| [x] follow cursor (falls back to variant if cursor doesn't change)
| [ ] queue only (only affects clicks)
| [ ] autofill queue
| [ ] one song (falls back to variant on explicit track changes)
| [ ] track repeat (submenu to select count?) (falls back to variant on explicit track changes)
|-------------------------- <- variants
| o weigthed (random only)
| o spotify (random only)
| o reverse (inorder only)

The queue could have:

| [x] stop after empty
| [ ] consume songs (remove after played)
| [ ] shuffle (or a menu button like in the main UI but only with variants, to keep things simple)

Other bugs which should be considered:

Queue related:

Implementation related:

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lazka commented Mar 15, 2015

Comment #1 originally posted by reiter.christoph on 2014-06-06T18:22:19.000Z:

spotify could also have a submenu, shuffle by artist/album/genre

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lazka commented Mar 15, 2015

Comment #2 originally posted by nick.boultbee on 2014-06-07T08:35:11.000Z:

Sounds interesting. Still working out how / whether this covers all those Issues reports but sounds like it probably does.

To me the primary change needed would be moving from QL having no idea what's ahead of the queue, to pre-filling [the queue, or some meta-queue], which makes Issue #1407, Issue #894, Issue #703, Issue #903 much easier. That and/or keeping a proper history of songs maybe.

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lazka commented Mar 15, 2015

Comment #3 originally posted by reiter.christoph on 2014-06-14T06:34:09.000Z:

See revision d782ec3 for the initial UI changes.

It's a bit confusing that the menu changes depending on the toggle state of the button... On the other hand it should be easier to use shuffle/inorder for new users and it's clearer which play order is a shuffle one and which is not.

Another improvement is that external interfaces (mpris, mpd) can now toggle between shuffle/inorder without QL forgetting the previous order.

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lazka commented Mar 15, 2015

Comment #4 originally posted by nick.boultbee on 2014-06-14T09:59:55.000Z:

Looks really good, and feels much friendlier / more intuitive to newbies as well (probably!)

A few ideas:

  1. I still think that repeating is a first-class concept with variants (not just a toggle), and "one song" belongs far more with that than as a variant of in-order ordering. So repeat mode (or some better name? Essentially it's how much to play the songs we have ordered) could have options:
    • "no repeat" (as current off)
    • "one song" (moved from in-order mode - but allowing an "I'm feeling lucky" approach to shuffle any one song when combined with shuffle orderings...)
    • "playlist" / "all" (i.e. as current on mode, just repeat everything once finished)
    • "track repeat" (orthogonal to shuffle mode, thus allowing track-repeat-in-order as requested in Issue Repeat-block based play mode modifier #1111)
  2. Should we merge the queue "random" toggle into this as discussed (maybe this was planned anyway)?
  3. The confuses me a bit: order_shuffle and shuffle seem very related. would shuffle_mode and inorder_mode (if even necessary - see above) make more sense? Though I've not properly examined it all yet..

Anyway good stuff, excited to see this long-awaited reworking :) Let me know if there's anything I can help with.

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lazka commented Mar 15, 2015

Comment #5 originally posted by reiter.christoph on 2014-06-14T10:45:58.000Z:

  1. So UI wise add a menu to the repeat button as well? Sounds good. This is how banshee does it IIRC.
  2. The main question here if it should inherit the order or have it's own (like now but maybe provide all of them). I tend to the latter. Also see the menu example above.
  3. "order_shuffle" and "order" are the order names, "shuffle" is which of them is active. If you find the naming confusing, feel free to change it, but we need all three afaics.

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lazka commented Mar 15, 2015

Comment #6 originally posted by nick.boultbee on 2014-06-14T13:42:37.000Z:

  1. Cool, agreed
  2. I like the simplicity of one ordering mode at any one time, but yes, I think too many users already exploit the power of separate controls (use-case: play a whole album in order by queueing it, then revert to shuffling your current songlist - I do this sometimes). So we'd probably need to keep it.
    We could, of course, have an explicit (meta-)mode for the queue of "use main order mode" (i.e. inherit) which would allow both the newbie case, and the power-user case, at the expense of a small amount of explanation.
  3. OK. Let's wait and see. To me "order_songlist" is more explicit about what it's doing than "order" (and that's it's a sibling to "order_shuffle", not a parent). And shuffle_mode does sound clearer here IMO

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lazka commented Mar 15, 2015

Comment #7 originally posted by nick.boultbee on 2014-06-18T20:22:48.000Z:

FWIW I've found our original discussion too:

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Very hard to follow this discussion and bring in new ideas. Could you post a summary of the problem and what might be planned? @lazka

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declension commented Sep 22, 2016

The closer I get to a refactoring path the more Kafkaesque the codebase seems. So some collected thoughts / plan:


  • No complete rethink right now. The good ideas around pre-filling a queue e.g. Spotify shuffle #1407, xinebe doesn't work anymore with latest upstream release, xine-lib-1.2.0 #904 would make this far too big to take on right now unfortunately.
  • However, enable more powerful and flexible combinations of repeat and shuffle
  • Simplify the code where possible. It's arguable the complexity here has meant that none of the abovementioned 11 issues have been closed yet (or maybe we're lazy, I don't know)

Development plan

  • Two widgets: shuffle (order) mode, repeat mode (both with on/off) - similar to current set up, but random has menu too (see old discussions above)
  • Update prefs sections to allow these to be saved
  • Consider migration issues in prefs as a result of above
  • Some refactoring to cut through the layers / duplication in light of the above
  • Make on/off less confusing, i.e. don't adjust the menu options dynamically.
  • New class Repeat(Order) to model Repeat as an Order of its own separately.
  • A more flexible play system by using a single Order that is a composition with this new Repeat subclass wrapping, i.e. Repeat∘Shuffle. None (off state of widget) would be a pass-through for Repeat and for Shuffle could just be implemented as current OrderInOrder or equivalent. This makes more sense to me than any other scheme I considered, and would immediately solve Repeat-block based play mode modifier #1111, Add Repeat-One feature #1836, plus a bunch of more niches uses (track repeat follow cursor, anyone?)
  • New / updated PluginHandler to deal with plugin versions of Repeat orders.
  • Update current plugins to give more appropriate names given slightly new functionality
  • Convert existing plugins (e.g. TrackRepeat) to appropriate new types, and document.
  • Rework / simplify PlayOrder, and possiubly PlaylistModel, arguably because details of play order and repeating has leaked out over our domain. So perhaps try avoid state in these, and by inverting control...
  • maybe move single source of play controls nearer the origin, i.e. dependency of Player. For example, currently delegates to which does some queue vs songlist logic (does this need abstracting? Probably not?) then delegates to which delegates to Order.next_explicit(), yet Order needs a back-reference to PlaylistModel in all of these requests. Or maybe not, let's see. But at least some more documentation / code clarification is needed here...

declension added a commit that referenced this issue Sep 25, 2016
 * Split `PlayOrderPlugin` to `ShufflePlugin` and `RepeatPlugin` marker subclasses
 * Add `Repeat` as an explicit (delegating) `Order`, and `Reorder` as the base class for shuffle-style `Order`s
  (necessary for plugin manager)
 * New generalised class `ToggledPlayOrderMenu`
 * `PlayOrder` now `PlayOrderWidget` which tries to do a little less; it's about aggregating the repeat and shuffle controls, and exposing higher level information (notably, the single composed `Order`).
 * Remove concept of repeat from Playlist, as repeating is more complex now and handled elsewhere.
 * Config: Finally keep `memory.repeat` and `memory.shuffle` together (removing `settings.repeat`)
 * Use more properties everywhere here
 * remove mixins that no longer help
 * Fix plugins to work with new structure
 * Add timeout to mpris test that never finish (still failing though)
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Lots of progress in play-order branch.

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#2043 Merged

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NetherKing1357 commented Mar 30, 2019

This is a feature request.

I've found this thread after a great deal of searching.
After spending some time figuring out the difference between the shuffle button at the bottom and the random option in the queue tab, I spent hours trying to get the queue to behave the way I want, with no success.

This is what I want from the queue:

  1. Add from a list of songs to the queue, while shuffling them (thus generating a shuffled pre-filled queue)
  2. Observe upcoming tracks in the queue tab
  3. Have the ability to change the order of upcoming tracks
  4. Make this the default mode of shuffle

Issue #894 is a pretty good description of what I'm looking for.

Is there any method of doing this right now? If not, is it in the works?

I would also appreciate a simultaneous implementation of issue #903 (History of shuffled tracks of sorts)

Difficulty of implementing:

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