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Clojure Version of APL Life.

This is a reimplementation of the REPL driven APL implementation shown on

The video presentation is at (the very first operation displays some garbage in the buffer. This needs to be fixed in a new video.)

To execute this code, just execute lein run.

The Demo Code

The APL REPL session is reinterpreted in the src/life/demo.clj file.

After watching the video I figured that it shouldn't be too hard to replicate in Clojure, plus it was a good opportunity to familiarize myself with core.matrix.

The demo file duplicates the APL steps as closely as possible, alongside a transcript of the original dialog in comments. Where Clojure differs, due to the lack of a built-in function, or where another approach works better, then the comments describe the changes, or shows both methods. Any missing functionality has been provided in life.matrix.

The file is runnable, but since it prints the intermediate matrices as part of the tutorial, it is really designed for interaction with a REPL. The final implementation is duplicated in life.core, which is what is executed with lein run.

Other Namespaces

life.matrix includes several matric functions to help implement the APL approach, such as an operation for converting boolean true/false to 1/0. There are also other APL-style boolean operations that work on 1/0 and can be applied to matrices. Finally, there are a couple of non-matrix operations, such as the power operator for functions and power-limit for finding a fixpoint.

life.display does simple printing of a 2D matrix, similarly to the disp function in the APL video.

life.pic contains simple Swing code that creates a window for displaying a world matrix. The Swing code uses a simple global value for displaying the matrix as this allowed me to keep it simple and avoid compiling any classes. (I'm not proud of it, but it suits its purpose).


Copyright © 2014 Paula Gearon

Distributed under the APL 2.0