Grails plugin for displaying information about quartz jobs
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#Quartz Monitor Plugin for Grails

Allows you to view and administer all your Quartz jobs in one place.


This plugin requires the Quartz plugin to run.


Once you have the Quartz plugin installed and have created some jobs, then you will probably start wondering if they are all running as desired.

This is where you need the 'Quartz Monitor' plugin.

Simply install the plugin and go to the URL: http://localhost:8080//quartz and you will find all a list of all the jobs you have scheduled to run.

##Enhanced Experience

To have the page keep you constantly up to date requires jQuery. It will still work without jQuery, but it won't look as good.


There are various configuration options, all start with quartz.monitor:


Allows you to change the sitemesh layout that page will use. Defaults to 'main'.


If this is set to true, then the names of the triggers will be shown in the list - useful if you have multiple triggers for the same job.


Will add javascript to the page in order to show a countdown to when the job will fire next, unless this is set to 'false'.


Will add javascript to the page in order to show a clock with the current time, unless this is set to 'false'.