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@KitsuneRal KitsuneRal released this Mar 3, 2019

This is a pre-release for early testers, translators and packagers, based on the freshly released libQMatrixClient 0.5. Testers can use the files attached below; translators are welcome to; and packagers, please, double-check that your builds still work on the latest Quaternion sources.

The following are major introduced features (closed issues, commits):

  • #484: Qt Keychain support to securely store access tokens (thanks to @ddanilov).
  • #507: Finally, some basics of internal navigation from the timeline:
    • rooms can be opened using "Open room" dialog (Ctrl-O) - by their id, alias or URL;
    • moreover, direct chats can be opened by entering the user ID or URL into the same dialog;
    • and even more, middle-clicking on a user id/ link in the timeline also opens a direct chat.
    • navigating to event permalinks is not there yet, pending support in libQMatrixClient (give your votes in quotient-im/libQuotient#252).
  • #187: Native scrollbars can be used instead of shuttle scrollbars.
  • #448, #483: there's been a bit of working on more responsive scrolling. If scrolling still feels unnatural, please leave a note in #483.
  • #123: Timeline can be scrolled using Ctrl-PageUp/PageDown and (if directly focused) Up and Down keys. This is a tentative implementation but is likely to be around at least until
  • #32, #209: Attachments support; an image or other file can be posted to a room, with automatic media type detection. No support for thumbnailing yet (which causes #518).
  • #437: User list can be searched and filtered (thanks to @rushsteve1).
  • #455: If the server supports it, room members are lazy-loaded; the full list for the given is requested upon switching to it though. Normally this should a no change for end users.
  • #403 and #476: Quaternion can close to tray and also start minimised to tray (thanks to @ddanilov and @krkk).
  • #381: middle-click on a room name in the room list opens this room; middle-click on a user name in the user list opens a direct chat with the user (thanks to @krkk).
  • #517: for those who build from sources: -DUSE_INTREE_LIBQMC is ON by default; however, if CMake doesn't find in-tree library sources, it will try to look around for an installed library development files. Pass -DUSE_INTREE_LIBQMC=OFF to suppress the fallback.

Packaging news:

  • #449, #456, #457, #459, #463: building/packaging on macOS is brought to the same level as on Linux (thanks to @aaronraimist for driving it).
  • #467: Similarly, AppImage files are built and provided for those on Linux who want to test the bleeding edge of Quaternion without the hassle of building it locally (thanks to @probonopd).

Both .dmg files for macOS and AppImages for Linux for each pushed group of commits are available from the Quaternion's CI repo at bintray.

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