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@KitsuneRal KitsuneRal released this Apr 5, 2019

The release candidate for version is out, with more fixes and a few enhancements on top of beta2:

  • Fix (#524): Quaternion no more crashes after changing the order of tags.
  • Fix (#546): HTML pieces in display names are correctly escaped now.
  • Fix: In "Add tags" dialog, empty lines are no more treated as empty tag names, just skipped.
  • Fix (#558): Regular expressions checking arguments of slash-commands have been fixed to match the Matrix identifiers grammar - thanks to nepugia.
  • Fix (#559): The bottommost scroll position is also remembered if the last thing before switching away from the room was clicking the "Scroll to bottom" button.
  • Fix (#500): Instead of scaring people away with the word "unencrypted", a used protocol is now clearly indicated in the message placeholder line (hopefully, most people using Quaternion do know what HTTP and HTTPS mean).
  • Fix (#542): If the domainpart used by your homeserver does not coincide with the actual domain for connections, Quaternion doesn't confuse you anymore with incorrectly constructed room aliases in the "Room settings" dialog (e.g., instead of This was just a visual wart; no actual aliases have been hurt.
  • Fix (#568): uploaded images are displayed in the timeline again, after being broken for the most time of development ( didn't have uploading at all).
  • Enhancement: The room settings dialog now includes the room id.
    A few enhancements have arrived thanks to @krkk:
  • #555: /shrug now accepts optional text after it. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  • #557: The text in the users list filter is saved with rooms now; when you switch a room, it's flushed/switched as well.
  • #547: "Open room" dialog now suggests canonical room aliases (from the local room list) and user ids (from all known users), as you type. Non-canonical aliases need quotient-im/libQuotient#301 to be fixed (unfortunately, it will only come in libQMatrixClient 0.6 due to compatibility breakage).

Starting from this version updating the translation base of strings (aka quaternion_en.ts) no more happens at each build; it was disrupting the work of people casually patching Quaternion for their purposes. To update the strings you need to run cmake --build <your_build_dir> --target trbase - this should normally be only run by developers adding/changing/removing those strings in the code with intention to contribute these changes to the main source tree.

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