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@KitsuneRal KitsuneRal released this Apr 17, 2019

This is the last candidate before the release, with the following bugfixes on top of RC2:

  • (#573) Resend and Discard buttons work again (thanks to @krkk)
  • (#566) A crash upon logout has been fixed (thanks to @aaronraimist for very informative stackdumps)
  • (#577) A confirmation to continue use an unstable version is only displayed now to those who can upgrade rooms
  • Zeroing the animations duration no more leads to artifacts from incomplete animations
  • (#532) Expired access tokens are now processed gracefully, with a prompt to re-login
  • (#564) Hitting Tab in the "Add tags" dialog switches focus as proper instead of entering a tab character

libQMatrixClient is recommended, 0.5.1 or later is compatible.

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