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withmock / mocktest

What is this?

A pair of tools to automatically mock packages for testing with gomock

How do I install it?

As you might expect:

go get
go get

You will also need to install goimports (, and gomock (

How do I use it?

withmock allows an arbitrary command to be run, but will only setup the test environment for the package in the current directory. mocktest builds it's own command to be run, but can test multiple packages at the same time.

To configure which packages get mocked, you just add "// mock" to the end of your import in the test code. Then you can use with withmock or mocktest to actually run the test. To use withmock you simply prepend withmock to your normal test command, e.g.:

withmock go test

To use mocktest you specify the packages on the command line, so to test the current directory in the same manner as the above withmock command you can just run:


However, if you wanted to run a heirarchy of test you could run:

mocktest ./...

For more info see the documentation:

You can also check out the example.