a quran reading application for android
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Quran for Android

this is a simple (madani based) quran app for android.

  • madani images from quran images project on github.
  • qaloon images used with permission of Nous Memes Editions Et Diffusion (Tunisia).
  • naskh images used with permission of SHL Info Systems.
  • translation, tafsir and Arabic data come from tanzil and King Saud University.


If you'd like to contribute, please take a look at the PRs Welcome label on the issue tracker. For new features, please open an issue to discuss it before beginning implementation.

Use quran_android-code_style.xml for Android Studio / IntelliJ code styles. Import it by copying it to the Android Studio/IntelliJ IDEA codestyles folder. For Android Studio, that folder is located at ~/.AndroidStudio[Version]/config/codestyles (the root folder name may differ depending on the host machine and Android Studio version, but the rest of the path should be same). After copying the quran_android-code_style.xml, go to Code Style preferences screen and choose quran_android-code_style from Code Style Schemes.

May Allah reward all the awesome Contributors and Translators.


Command Line

You can build Quran from the command line by running ./gradlew assembleMadaniDebug.

Android Studio / IntelliJ

Choose "Import Project," and choose the build.gradle file from the top level directory. Under "Build Variants" (a tab on the left side), choose "madaniDebug."

Open Source Projects Used