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# In the name of Allah, Most Gracious, Most Merciful
_ _____ ____ _/ /_
| |/|/ / _ `/ _ `/ __/
|__,__/\_,_/\_, /\__/
/_/ a muslim prayertimes calculator (
this is the sourcecode to, a muslim prayertimes calculation website. it relies on open source tools and apis to do it's calculations.
- itl php extension -
(note - for php7, you can use my experimental fork -
- google geocoding api
- geonames api -
- setup and install libitl, which can be found at or on sourceforge
- setup and install the php extension (phpize, configure, make, make install).
- make a file. the contents of this file should be:
$gaCode = ''; // put your google analytics code here
define('GA_CODE', $gaCode);
define('USERNAME', 'geonames_username');
* note - the username parameter was added to geonames to prevent abuse
of their webservice. you can make one for free on the geonames site,
or comment out the json part of and uncomment the xml
part. for more information, please see:
- for apache, you need to use the .htaccess file for cleaner links
- for lighttpd, something like this under the host should work:
url.rewrite = ( "^/rss(.*)" => "/index.php$1&rss=1",
"^/about(.*)" => "/index.php?about=1" )
i am providing this code to help those muslims who want to put prayertimes on their websites.