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Attach hooks to any database/sql driver


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Attach hooks to any database/sql driver.

The purpose of sqlhooks is to provide a way to instrument your sql statements, making really easy to log queries or measure execution time without modifying your actual code.


go get

Requires Go >= 1.14.x

Breaking changes

V2 isn't backward compatible with previous versions, if you want to fetch old versions, you can use go modules or get them from

go get
go get

Usage GoDoc

// This example shows how to instrument sql queries in order to display the time that they consume
package main

import (


// Hooks satisfies the sqlhook.Hooks interface
type Hooks struct {}

// Before hook will print the query with it's args and return the context with the timestamp
func (h *Hooks) Before(ctx context.Context, query string, args ...interface{}) (context.Context, error) {
	fmt.Printf("> %s %q", query, args)
	return context.WithValue(ctx, "begin", time.Now()), nil

// After hook will get the timestamp registered on the Before hook and print the elapsed time
func (h *Hooks) After(ctx context.Context, query string, args ...interface{}) (context.Context, error) {
	begin := ctx.Value("begin").(time.Time)
	fmt.Printf(". took: %s\n", time.Since(begin))
	return ctx, nil

func main() {
	// First, register the wrapper
	sql.Register("sqlite3WithHooks", sqlhooks.Wrap(&sqlite3.SQLiteDriver{}, &Hooks{}))

	// Connect to the registered wrapped driver
	db, _ := sql.Open("sqlite3WithHooks", ":memory:")

	// Do you're stuff
	db.Exec("CREATE TABLE t (id INTEGER, text VARCHAR(16))")
	db.Exec("INSERT into t (text) VALUES(?), (?)", "foo", "bar")
	db.Query("SELECT id, text FROM t")

Output should look like:
> CREATE TABLE t (id INTEGER, text VARCHAR(16)) []. took: 121.238µs
> INSERT into t (text) VALUES(?), (?) ["foo" "bar"]. took: 36.364µs
> SELECT id, text FROM t []. took: 4.653µs


 go test -bench=. -benchmem
 goos: linux
 goarch: amd64
 cpu: Intel(R) Xeon(R) W-10885M CPU @ 2.40GHz
 BenchmarkSQLite3/Without_Hooks-16                 191196              6163 ns/op             456 B/op         14 allocs/op
 BenchmarkSQLite3/With_Hooks-16                    189997              6329 ns/op             456 B/op         14 allocs/op
 BenchmarkMySQL/Without_Hooks-16                    13278             83462 ns/op             309 B/op          7 allocs/op
 BenchmarkMySQL/With_Hooks-16                       13460             87331 ns/op             309 B/op          7 allocs/op
 BenchmarkPostgres/Without_Hooks-16                 13016             91421 ns/op             401 B/op         10 allocs/op
 BenchmarkPostgres/With_Hooks-16                    12339             94033 ns/op             401 B/op         10 allocs/op
 ok  10.294s