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import glob
import logging
import os
import pickle
import numpy as np
import pandas as pd
from clize import run
import steps
from helper.svm_model import rf_model, svm_model
from helper.utils import generate_run_folder
def main(input_folder,
sites='DW,DA', include_nonwear=False, model_type='svm', profiling=False):
"""Train and save a model given a arbitrary dataset stored in mhealth format.
:param input_folder: Folder path of input raw dataset.
:param output_folder: Auto path if None.
:param debug: Use this flag to output results to 'debug_run' folder.
:param targets: The list of groups of class labels, separated by ','.
Allowed targets:
'MUSS_3_POSTURES': includes "sitting", "upright", and "lying"
'MUSS_22_ACTIVITIES': includes 22 daily activities used in the muss dataset
:param feature_set: Choose the type of feature set to be used.
Allowed feature sets:
'MO': use 'motion + orientation' features;
'M': use 'motion" features;
'O': use 'orientation' features.
:param sites: String of list of placements of sensors, separated by ','.
Allowed placement codes,
'DW': dominant wrist;
'DA': dominant ankle;
'DT': dominant thigh;
'DH': dominant hip;
'NDW': nondominant wrist;
'NDA': nondominant ankle;
'NDH': nondominant hip.
logging_level = logging.DEBUG if debug else logging.INFO
scheduler = 'processes'
force_fresh_data = False
level=logging_level, format='[%(levelname)s] %(asctime)-15s - %(message)s', datefmt='%Y-%m-%d %H:%M:%S')
output_folder = generate_run_folder(
input_folder, debug=debug)'Preparing class set...')
classset_path = steps.prepare_class_set(
input_folder, output_folder=output_folder,
debug=debug, scheduler=scheduler, profiling=profiling, force=force_fresh_data)'Class set is generated to {}'.format(classset_path))'Preparing feature set...')
feature_set_path = steps.prepare_feature_set(
input_folder, output_folder=output_folder, debug=debug, scheduler=scheduler,
profiling=profiling, force=force_fresh_data, sampling_rate=sr, resample_sr=sr)'Feature set is generated to {}'.format(feature_set_path))'Preparing validation sets...')
dataset_path = steps.prepare_validation_set(
input_folder, output_folder=output_folder, debug=debug,
scheduler=scheduler, profiling=profiling, force=force_fresh_data, include_nonwear=include_nonwear)'Validation sets are saved to {}'.format(dataset_path))
sites = sites.split(',')
targets = targets.split(',')
predefined_targets = [
predefined_sites = ['DW', 'DA', 'DT', 'DH', 'NDW', 'NDA', 'NDH']
if feature_set not in ['MO', 'O', 'M']:
raise Exception(
"Input parameter 'feature_set' should be one of 'MO', 'O' or 'M'.")
for site in sites:
if site not in predefined_sites:
raise Exception("Input parameter 'sites' should be one of " +
for target in targets:
if target not in predefined_targets:
raise Exception("Input parameter 'targets' should be one of " +
class_mapping = grouping_file(input_folder)
suffix = '_with_nonwear' if include_nonwear else ''
for target in targets:'Train ' + model_type + ' model for ' +
target + ' using ' + feature_set + ' feature set.')
dataset_folder = os.path.join(
output_folder, 'datasets' + suffix)
train_and_save_model(dataset_folder, sites=sites,
feature_set=feature_set, target=target, class_mapping=class_mapping, model_type=model_type)
return os.path.join(os.path.dirname(dataset_folder), 'models')
def grouping_file(input_folder):
class_label_set = os.path.join(input_folder, 'MetaCrossParticipants',
class_mapping = pd.read_csv(class_label_set)
return class_mapping
def train_and_save_model(dataset_folder,
sites=['DW', 'DA'],
class_mapping=None, model_type='svm'):
validation_set_files = glob.glob(
os.path.join(dataset_folder, '*.dataset.csv'), recursive=True)
selected_file = None
model_folder = os.path.join(os.path.dirname(dataset_folder), 'models')
os.makedirs(model_folder, exist_ok=True)
for f in validation_set_files:
fname = os.path.basename(f)
file_sites = fname.split('.')[0].split('_')
file_fs = fname.split('.')[1]
if file_sites == sites and feature_set == file_fs:
selected_file = f
if selected_file:
dataset = pd.read_csv(
selected_file, parse_dates=[0, 1], infer_datetime_format=True)
model_path = os.path.join(
target.lower() + '_' + model_type + '_model').replace('csv', 'pkl'))
model, scaler, training_accuracy, feature_order = train_model(
dataset, get_train_target(target), model_type=model_type)
save_model(model_path, target, model, scaler, training_accuracy,
feature_order, class_mapping)'Save model to ' + model_path)
def get_train_target(target):
if target == 'MUSS_22_ACTIVITIES' or target == 'MUSS_3_POSTURES' or target == 'MDCAS' or target == 'RIAR_17_ACTIVITIES':
return target
def train_model(dataset, train_target, model_type='svm'):
index_cols = [
exclude_labels = ['Unknown', 'Transition']
dataset = dataset.loc[np.logical_not(dataset[train_target].
isin(exclude_labels)), :]
y = dataset[train_target].values
indexed_dataset = dataset.set_index(index_cols)
X = indexed_dataset.values
feature_order = list(indexed_dataset.columns)
if model_type == 'svm':
selected_model = svm_model
elif model_type == 'rf':
selected_model = rf_model
model, scaler, training_accuracy = selected_model(X, y)
return model, scaler, training_accuracy, feature_order
def save_model(model_path, target, model, scaler, training_accuracy,
feature_order, class_mapping):
model_bundle = {
'model_file': os.path.basename(model_path),
'name': target,
'model': model,
'scaler': scaler,
'training_accuracy': training_accuracy,
'feature_order': feature_order,
'class_mapping': class_mapping
with open(model_path, 'wb') as f:
pickle.dump(model_bundle, f, protocol=pickle.HIGHEST_PROTOCOL)
if __name__ == '__main__':
# examples
# train mdcas model
# main('./muss_data',
# output_folder=None,
# debug=False,
# sr=80,
# targets='MDCAS',
# feature_set='MO',
# sites='DW',
# include_nonwear=True,
# model_type='svm',
# profiling=False)
# train model for active training
# main('./muss_data',
# output_folder=None,
# debug=False,
# sr=80,
# targets='RIAR_17_ACTIVITIES',
# feature_set='MO',
# sites='DW,DA,DT',
# include_nonwear=False,
# model_type='svm',
# profiling=False
# )