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Add run_js_blocking to tab API
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The-Compiler committed Jul 13, 2016
1 parent 4f97b63 commit 5b1cca92ab199798337d873f8a708df7acebe12a
@@ -611,6 +611,14 @@ def run_js_async(self, code, callback=None):
raise NotImplementedError

def run_js_blocking(self, code):
"""Run javascript and block.
This returns the result to the caller. Its use should be avoided when
possible as it runs a local event loop for QtWebEngine.
raise NotImplementedError

def shutdown(self):
raise NotImplementedError

@@ -343,6 +343,21 @@ def run_js_async(self, code, callback=None):
else:, callback)

def run_js_blocking(self, code):
loop = qtutils.EventLoop()
js_ret = None

def js_cb(val):
nonlocal js_ret
js_ret = val

self.run_js_async(code, js_cb)
loop.exec_() # blocks until loop.quit() in js_cb
assert js_ret is not None

return js_ret

def shutdown(self):

@@ -525,10 +525,13 @@ def dump_async(self, callback, *, plain=False):

def run_js_async(self, code, callback=None):
result =
result = self.run_js_blocking(code)
if callback is not None:

def run_js_blocking(self, code):

def icon(self):
return self._widget.icon()

@@ -121,6 +121,12 @@ def test_tab(qtbot, view, config_stub, tab_registry):
assert view.parent() is tab_w

class TestJs:

def test_blocking(self, tab):
assert tab.run_js_blocking('1 + 1') == 2

class TestTabData:

def test_known_attr(self):

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