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Fix ;o/;O default bindings

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The-Compiler committed Aug 1, 2016
1 parent 49699be commit ef439bb916e04989cc13776a8c3b5f246cebebc1
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@@ -43,6 +43,7 @@ Fixed
- Fixed crash when using hints with JS disabled in some rare circumstances.
- When hinting input fields (`:t`), also consider input elements without a type.
- Fixed crash when opening an invalid URL with a percent-encoded and a real @ in it
- Fixed default `;o` and `;O` bindings
@@ -1462,8 +1462,8 @@ def data(readonly=False):
('hint all hover', [';h']),
('hint images', [';i']),
('hint images tab', [';I']),
('hint links fill ":open {hint-url}"', [';o']),
('hint links fill ":open -t {hint-url}"', [';O']),
('hint links fill :open {hint-url}', [';o']),
('hint links fill :open -t {hint-url}', [';O']),
('hint links yank', [';y']),
('hint links yank-primary', [';Y']),
('hint --rapid links tab-bg', [';r']),
@@ -1654,4 +1654,6 @@ def data(readonly=False):
(re.compile(r'^leave-mode$'), r'clear-keychain ;; leave-mode'),
(re.compile(r'^download-remove --all$'), r'download-clear'),
(re.compile(r'^hint links fill "([^"]*)"$'), r'hint links fill \1'),
@@ -281,6 +281,11 @@ def test_default_config_no_deprecated(self, rgx):
('leave-mode ;; foo', None),
('download-remove --all', 'download-clear'),
('hint links fill ":open {hint-url}"',
'hint links fill :open {hint-url}'),
('hint links fill ":open -t {hint-url}"',
'hint links fill :open -t {hint-url}'),
def test_migrations(self, old, new_expected):

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