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@The-Compiler The-Compiler released this Jan 8, 2020 · 104 commits to master since this release


  • Initial support for Qt 5.14.
  • New content.site_specific_quirks setting which enables workarounds for
    websites with broken user agent parsing (enabled by default, see the "Fixed"
    section for fixed websites).
  • New qt.force_platformtheme setting to force Qt to use a given platform
  • New tabs.tooltips setting which can be used to disable hover tooltips for
  • New settings to configure the appearance of context menus:
    • fonts.contextmenu
    • colors.contextmenu.selected.fg


  • The macOS binaries now require macOS 10.13 High Sierra or newer. Support for
    macOS 10.12 Sierra has been dropped.
  • The content.headers.user_agent setting now is a format string with the
    default value resembling the behavior of it being set to null before.
    This slightly changes the sent user agent for QtWebKit: Instead of mentioning
    qutebrowser and its version it now mentions the Qt version.
  • The qute-pass userscript now has a new --extra-url-suffixes (-s)
    argument which passes extra URL suffixes to the tldextract library.
  • A stack is now used for :tab-focus last rather than just saving one tab.
    Additionally, :tab-focus now understands stack-prev and stack-next
    arguments to traverse that stack.
  • :hint now has a new right-click target which allows right-clicking
    elements via hints.
  • The Terminus font has been removed from the default monospace fonts since it
    caused trouble with HighDPI setups. To get it back, add either
    "xos4 Terminus" or Terminus (depending on fontconfig version) to the
    beginning of the fonts.monospace setting.
  • As a workaround for a Qt bug causing a segfault, desktop sharing is now
    automatically rejected on Qt versions before 5.13.2. Note that screen sharing
    still won't work on Linux before Qt 5.14.
  • Comment lines in quickmarks/bookmarks files are now ignored. However, note that
    qutebrowser will overwrite those files if bookmark/quickmark commands are used.
  • Reopening PDF.js pages from e.g. a session file will now re-download and
    display those PDFs.
  • Improved behavior when using :open-download in a sandboxed environment (KDE
  • qutebrowser now enables the new PyQt exit scheme, which should result in
    things being cleaned up more properly (e.g. cookies being saved even without
    a timeout) on PyQt 5.13.1 and newer.
  • The :spawn command has a new -m / --output-messages argument which
    shows qutebrowser messages based on a command's standard output/error.
  • Improved insert mode detection for some CodeMirror usages (e.g. in
    JupyterLab and Jupyter Notebook).
  • If JavaScript is disabled globally, file://* now doesn't automatically have
    it enabled anymore. Run :set -u file://* content.javascript.enabled true to
    restore the previous behavior.
  • Settings with URL patterns can now be used to affect the behavior of the
    QtWebEngine inspector. Note that the underlying URL is chrome-devtools://*
    from Qt 5.11 to Qt 5.13, but devtools://* with Qt 5.14.
  • Improvements when tabs.tabs_are_windows is set:
    • Using :tab-take and :tab-give now shows an error, as the effect of
      doing so would be equal to :tab-clone.
    • The :buffer completion doesn't show any window sections anymore, only a
      flat list of tabs.
  • Improved parsing in some corner cases for the QtFont type (used for
    fonts.tabs and fonts.debug_console).
  • Performance improvements for the following areas:
    • Adding settings with URL patterns
    • Matching of settings using URL patterns


  • Downloads (e.g. via :download) now see the same user agent header as
    webpages, which fixes cases where overly restrictive servers/WAFs closed the
    connection before.
  • now works correctly on Windows again.
  • The logic for :restart has been revisited, which should fix issues with
    relative basedirs.
  • Remaining issues related to Python 3.8 are now fixed (mostly warnings,
    especially on QtWebKit).
  • Workaround for a Qt bug where a page never finishes loading with a
    non-overridable TLS error (e.g. due to HSTS).
  • The qute://configdiff page now doesn't show built-in settings (e.g.
    javascript being enabled for qute:// and chrome:// pages) anymore.
  • The qute-lastpass userscript now stops prompting for passwords when
    cancelling the password input.
  • The tab hover text now shows ampersands (&) correctly.
  • With QtWebEngine and Qt >= 5.11, the inspector now shows its icons correctly
    even if loading of images is disabled via the content.images setting.
  • Entering a very long string (over 50k characters) in the completion used to
    crash, now it shows an error message instead.
  • Various improvements for URL/searchengine detection:
    • Strings with a dot but with characters not allowed in a URL (e.g. an
      underscore) are now not treated as URL anymore.
    • Strings like "5/8" are now not treated as IP anymore.
    • URLs with an explicit scheme and a space (%20) are correctly treated as
    • Mail addresses are now treated as search terms.
    • With url.open_base_url set, searching for a search engine name now works.
    • url.open_base_url = True together with url.auto_search = 'never' is now
      handled correctly.
    • Fixed crash when a search engine URL turns out to be invalid.
  • New "site specific quirks", which work around some broken websites:
    • WhatsApp Web
    • Google Accounts
    • Slack (with older QtWebEngine versions)
    • support pages (with Qt 5.7)
    • Google Docs (fixes broken IME/compose key)
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