The following userscripts are included in the current directory.

  • cast: Cast content on your Chromecast using castnow. Only youtube-dl downloadable content.
  • dmenu_qutebrowser: Pipes history, quickmarks, and URL into dmenu.
  • format_json: Pretty prints current page's JSON code in other tab.
  • getbib: Scraping the current web page for DOIs and downloading corresponding bibtex information.
  • open_download: Opens a rofi menu with all files from the download directory and opens the selected file.
  • openfeeds: Opens all links to feeds defined in the head of a site.
  • password_fill: Find a username/password entry and fill it with credentials given by the configured backend (currently only pass) for the current website.
  • qute-keepass: Insertion of usernames and passwords from keepass databases using pykeepass.
  • qute-pass: Insert login information using pass and a dmenu-compatible application (e.g. dmenu, rofi -dmenu, ...).
  • qutedmenu: Handle open -s && open -t with bemenu.
  • readability: Executes python-readability on current page and opens the summary as new tab.
  • ripbang: Adds DuckDuckGo bang as searchengine.
  • rss: Keeps track of URLs in RSS feeds and opens new ones.
  • taskadd: Adds a task to taskwarrior.
  • tor_identity: Change your tor identity.
  • view_in_mpv: Views the current web page in mpv using sensible mpv-flags.


The following userscripts can be found on their own repositories.